Patient Keri Potter Interviews Coach Marghella and Asks the Hard Questions About Chiropractic… Join for this very special episode where Coach Marghella gets grilled about health, wellness, children, scoliosis and whether or not Chiropractic is really witchcraft in disguise! Host and patient Keri Potter along with her co-host, Melody Timberlake interview him in this compelling episode of their Impact Health and Wellness Podcast. Tune in to this spotlight interview where the interviewer gets grilled as the interviewee and learn a few things about health, wellness, posture and living well! Follow the Impact Health and Wellness Podcast FB page @holisticallyhealthieryouRead More →

Coach Marghella Sits Down With Lily As they Discuss Her Road to Recovery from Her Injuries and Getting Back to Dance, Fitness, Sports, Teaching and More! Join Coach Marghella and special guest Lilian Palmer, his greatest challenge yet as a doctor, as they discuss what it takes in terms of perseverence, tenacity and commitment required to bounce back from nearly anything. Hear Lily’s story of the accident that left her severely injured and disabled and how she got back into action. Tune in now!Read More →

Scout Yourself Into a Player Postition! Join Coach Marghella and his special guests from @recruitreels who create highlight videos to help young athletes get noticed, recruited, earn scholarships, improve their game and stay injury-free too. Tune in now! About Recruit Reels Recruit Reels provides sports highlight and skills videos for student-athletes seeking an athletic scholarship. For 10+ years families and high school athletes from all over the United States and Canada have trusted us to help them afford the skyrocketing cost of college through a highlight or skills video. Of the 400,000+ student-athletes that receive a partial or full athletic scholarship to play the 23Read More →

A Real, Live Castaway from Survivor, on the Adjusting Table and in the Studio With Coach Marghella Join Coach Marghella and his VIP patient and guest, Libby Vincek of season 36 of Survivor on the stresses, adventures and challenges of having been a castaway on the island, her relationships with other castaways, coping and rising to the occasion, getting in shape and more! Tune in now! Where to Follow Libby: Follow Libby on Instagram @iamthelibsterRead More →

Helping the next generation and top pros alike, live, compete and succeed better! The Interview Join Coach Marghella as he interviews Judd Granzow, Agility and Strength coach for middle school and high school athletes, current NFL, NBA and MLB players, Division 1 All-Conference selections, hundreds of athletic scholarship recipients and even recruits for the Navy Seals. Listen to this enlightening and inspiring episode and learn where real strength comes from and how it isn’t just physical! A Little About Judd Granzow Granzow’s expertise in the area of sports training has allowed him to successfully train a variety of athletes that include middle school and highRead More →

From extreme fitness and sports, to alcohol and drugs, to an amazing new life and What an unbelievable story! Join Coach Marghella and his college buddy “Tweeter” #VasityBlues, Matt Williams, creator of FroPro frozen protein bars and how he invented them out of necessity and boomed them in spite of adversity, a failed life, naysayers and amidst one hell of a second chance. Listen now! A Man with a Mission, Not Just Another Protein Bar Matt Williams states his mission on the GoFroPro website FROPRO is more than a snack bar. It’s about making a comeback. Whether that comeback is mental or physical, it isRead More →

What does posture have to do with your performance at the gym, on the playing field and even at work? You won’t believe it! Join Coach Marghella as he interviews Dr Gary Fieber of Maximum Performance Solutions Learn all about his research and development of ways to control and overcome muscle weakness and body stress for top performance in sports, in the gym, at work and in life in general. Find out about his innovative app that helps correct the postural blockages standing in the way of peak performance now. Contact Dr Fieber and Max Performance Solutions Check out the website here Email DrRead More →