Join Coach Marghella and Eric Berner, Announcer for the Nashville Sounds baseball team! Fun at the stadium for all of Nashville! Join Coach Marghella as he interviews Eric Berner, financial wizard turned Nashville Sounds Minor League Baseball team announcer on calling games and what the team means to Nashville. Get the inside scoop from inside the press box on games, celebrities who have come through the team over the years and all you need to know about good times with Nashville sports and a little on Fantasy sports too! Follow Eric Berner Follow Eric on Twitter here Check Out the Nashville Sounds for info, scheduleRead More →

Join Coach Marghella for the skinny on fat! Want to know how to lose it fast, get into fat burning and maximize and maintain results? Listen to this epic episode. Join Coach Marghella as he interviews weight and rapid fat loss expert Dr Jamie Fettig. Find out how to accelerate weight loss results and get into fat burning fast. Covering ketosis, calorie counting and overall results, this episode has it all!  Read More →

Coach Marghella Interviews Olympic Swimmer and Fellow Chiropractor, Dr Patrick Kennedy Join Coach Marghella as he interviews fellow Chiropractor and 1984 Olympic Swimmer Dr Patrick Kennedy as he gets honest about mindset, winning, combating and defeating stress and even a Michael Phelps story or two. Find out how to tackle the stress in your life or game, no matter what health or fitness game you play!Read More →

Episode 1 tells the story of how I went from “Dr Marghella, chiropractor” to “Coach Marghella” and why you should start listening to me regularly… Join Dr Marghella as he shoots from the hip and tells you all about what good wellness and fitness is and how he is going to coach you, for free, on how to achieve your ideal potential no matter what game, amateur or pro, that you play!Read More →